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Garden City Long Island was founded in 1869 and currently has a population of roughly 24,000 people.

Most likely a good portion of those 24,000 people probably dry their clothes with a dryer and have a dryer vent attached to it.

Dryer vents collect lint and over time this lint builds layer upon layer of lint until at some point the vent opening is clogged enough to cause a problem.

Some dryer vent cleaning techniques include the insertion of a vacuum hose with a spiral brush attached to it that spins. This spinning motion loosens the lint and simultaneously sucks it into a filter system.

Some of the problems caused by lint build up in a dryer vent includes overheating your dryer because it has to work extra hard to push the air out.

If a dryer becomes too hot it can increase the risk of starting a fire. The lint is a perfect match for high temperatures as it relates to starting a fire.

If you have your dryer vents checked and cleaned as necessary you will considerably reduce the risk of dryer vent fires from occurring.