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Dryer vent's are notorious for collecting lint from all the clothes you dry in your dryer. This lint not only clogs your vent over time but collects allergens that can become air borne and some times harbor bacteria as well.

Often times wildlife will also play a role in obstructing your vents proper air flow such as birds building nests in your duct work or squirrels or raccoons trying to get closer to the heat especially in the winter.

The funny thing is that the dryer vent cleaning process is a fairly simple one and is inexpensive compared to the potential damages that could result in a dryer vent fire or breathing problems.

You should check to see if your dryer is abnormally hot or if the outside duct is blowing air strongly. Sometimes you might be unable to see an obstruction and think you can fix your problem, however sometimes the obstruction lives where you can't see it. 

An experienced dryer vent technician will be able to run a long hose through your entire vent system ensuring that your air ducts are truly clear.